Audio Visual Installation in New York: the JVN advantage

With the right equipment, design, and capabilities, audio/visual equipment can take any company to the next level. Modern technology offers unprecedented advantages to today’s businesses; instant-communication, interactive video conferencing, and increased educational capabilities just to name a few. The equipment alone won’t get you there, though. You need the right team to help you along. Audio/visual installation in New York requires special attention to detail and a hands-on approach. Here’s a little further explanation as to how JVN approaches installing your equipment.

Seamless communication

Business is about communication. Anyone who’s been in business long enough will recall a time when a breakdown in communication resulted in irreversible damage. Projects with scopes such as these would be ruined without constant back-and-forth correspondence. We won’t let that happen. A project coordinator is assigned directly to you for the duration of the project, and is responsible for all communication between us and our clients. A project manager is always in contact with the coordinator and makes regular visits to your site to ensure things are going smoothly. Nothing goes forward without your needs being taken into account.


JVN prides itself on being able to coordinate such large projects. We not only provide state-of-the-art equipment and services, but we also coordinate a diverse array of professionals to get the job done right. Properly installing audio/visual equipment in NYC requires expert electricians, contractors, and interior designers, as well as many more professionals of differing skills. We work with a vast network of highly-recommended contractors in this city, ensuring you always get the highest level of skill.

A hands-on approach

JVN is a very hands-on company. We make sure to:

●    Pre-build everything in our corporate offices to make sure it looks and functions right
●    Systems are fully tested before being deployed
●    Deliver on-site after the project managers survey the site and give the green light
●    Provide experts to launch the system and provide hands-on training

You can’t afford any mistakes to be made on the installation of your system, and the only way to get such a complex project correct is to be constantly checking, updating, tinkering, and training to make sure everything is right. We take our time, test each model, survey the landscape, and set it up. From there, we train you in every detail of your system before handing it over to you.

Audio visual installation in New York isn’t easy. It requires a fully-coordinated team of experts that knows how to properly execute the plan and train the client. JVN has decades of combined experience in this industry, and takes pride in the reputation that it’s built. For more information about our services in the area, contact us today.